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OUR services-Boarding
"Just Boarding"

Overnight Boarding

for dogs that are friendly with people and dogs.

Cautious Dog Boarding

Cautious Dogs are dogs that cannot play with other dogs.  They may be shy, old, have a medical issue, or be reactive (to name a few reasons why a dog might be considered “cautious”)

Puppies & Small Dogs

The  same excellent service you expect from us, but dedicated to puppies and small dogs - now available at the Boarding Behavior Center.  Puppies have their own quiet area, on a different ventilation system and their own outside yard!

Board & Train

There is no standard length of time or amount of training required in our board and train program.  You can add as many or as few training sessions to your dog’s boarding stay as you want.


NOTE: We pride ourselves on the specialized care we provide dogs while they are in our facility.  To that end, we are licensed through PACFA (Department of Agriculture) to administer medications.  Per PACFA standards, we require the original prescription bottles for all medications, even if the medication is sorted into pill pockets or the like before we receive it.  Additionally, any sedatives or calming medications (Fluoxetine, Trazadone, Claumicalm, etc) require written permission from you as well as a prescription from the veterinarian in order for us to be able to administer it to your dog.  We can also administer over-the-counter supplements (both pet specific and non-pet specific) as long as we have written permission from you on file.  Please make sure you sign all permission forms on our online system, and be prepared to sign paper copies at the facility as well. Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures.

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