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"Just" Boarding

Over night boarding without training.

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House of Dog: A Unique Boarding Experience


House of Dog is different from your average boarding facility. We are structured to meet your dog's needs while they stay with us. Just boarding is for dogs that are friendly with other dogs and people.


Our Staff


Our staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable in reading your dog's body language and assessing stress levels. We carefully pair your dog with a suitable playgroup or playmate. If your dog is very selective about who they play with, our staff will be patient and move at their pace, working with them one-on-one to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.


  • You will receive pictures, videos, and write-ups daily from our staff. 

  • We will immediately inform you if something is concerning or wrong with your dog. 

  • If your dog needs medical attention, we will notify you first and ensure they get the necessary care.

  • We track your dog's potty habits to ensure they adjust and are not sick. 

  • We track when your dog eats and how much. If your dog stops eating, we will entice their food and do all we can to ensure they eat. 


Dog Play Groups
  • Tailored to each dog's play style

  • Never more than six dogs per kennel technician


Fear-Free Management
  • Our kennel manager is Fear Free certified, ensuring we never use fear and intimidation.

  • No shock collars, choke chains, prong collars, squirt bottles, yelling, startling noises, or fear and intimidation are used for any reason. 

  • Your dog's emotional well-being is as important to us as their safety when they stay with us. 


What’s Included
  • Giving medication, supplements, and other special requests.

  • Love and affection, playtime, ball time, and one-on-one attention.

  • Kongs, treats, and enticements for your dog if they don’t eat. 

  • Daycare with no limit is included.

  • Everything but walks and training!


  • All dogs have up-to-date vaccination records.

  • When dropped off, make sure dogs show no signs of illness

  • Track when a dog becomes ill and notify you if you have a future reservation. 

  • Notifying you if your dog came into contact with a dog that started showing symptoms of an illness. 

  • Carefully assessing dogs before we add them into a playgroup.

  • Keeping play groups of 5-6 dogs per kennel technician. 

  • You have 24-hour access to our live webcams.

  •  Soon, we will have someone on staff 24/7.

  • 24/7 video surveillance

  • We have an extensive emergency plan in place. 

  • Ensure our facility is clean and meets current fire code and safety standards.

Puppies and Small Dogs

We now have a dedicated boarding space for puppies and small dogs at the Boarding and Behavior Center on Sunflower Road. This is a more intimate space and therefore much quieter and better suited for puppies (up to 5 or 6 months) and adult small dogs (up to 45 lbs) that play well with others. It has it's own ventilation system and separate outside yard.

Boarding process for friendly dogs and puppies:
*Puppies under 5 months are required to complete a Parent Puppy Assessment.
  1. 15-minute meet and greet
    • Free of charge

    • Required for dogs that have never boarded before or have separation anxiety.

    • Recommended for friendly dogs that have boarded before.

    • Recommended for shy/fearful puppies.

    • With a trainer

    • For the dog to meet the staff and acclimate to the facility

  2. Daytime Social Orientation
    • After the meet and greets (no more than four)

    • The dog is dropped off, and a trainer assesses their play style and stress levels.

    • Making sure they are acclimated to the environment and staff

    • Required before boarding for puppies, dogs with separation anxiety, and dogs that have never boarded before.

    • Recommended for friendly dogs that have been boarded before so we may evaluate their play style.

  3. Boarding Orientation
    • Similar to the daytime orientation

    • The dog stays the night

    • Recommendation only

    • Only one boarding orientation per dog.

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