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OUR services- For Puppies

Puppy K

Puppy Kindergarten (or Puppy-K) is for puppies between 8 weeks and 5 months in age.  You and your puppy attend class once a week for an hour for 8 weeks. Topics covered:

  • Socialization and proper play

  • Normal and abnormal puppy behavior (as well as what to do for abnormal behavior)

  • Impulse control

  • Body positions: sit, down, stand

  • Loose leash walking

  • Jumping and nipping

  • Drop it and leave it

  • Watch me

  • Settle

  • Handling

  • Resource guarding

  • Mental enrichment

  • Crate training

  • Potty training

  • Nutrition

  • Level one of the Pet Dog Ambassador program or the American Kennel Club (AKC) Star Puppy certification

Puppy Playtime

One of the most important aspects of puppy training is socialization.  Proper socialization in puppies can help prevent many behavioral problems seen in adult dogs.

House of Dog Training wants to make sure puppies have plenty of opportunity for proper socialization.  Therefore, we offer free puppy playtime at the beginning of our Puppy-K, even if you are not enrolled in the class!  If you would like to attend a puppy playtime (but are not enrolled in the class), please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by emailing or calling (719) 646-1422.  Click HERE to see our current and upcoming classes. 

We also now offer a Puppy "Daytime Social". (Daycare without Training). Please note: we require a 30 minute "Parent Puppy Day" appointment to get you started for the Puppy Daytime Social! (see enrollment procedure below)

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Puppy Boarding

Dedicated Puppy and Small Dog Boarding is now also available at our Boarding&Behavior Center. This is a more intimate and calmer environment, which is well suited for puppies. You can still add all our regular services like walks and training to add on to the boarding stay. And, of course, playtime, extra TLC and stuffed Kongs are always FREE! Please note: we may require a 30 minute "Parent Puppy Day" appointment to get you started! (see enrollment procedure below)

Now Available!

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pup club.jpg
B&B Pup Club
pup club

B&B stands for “Body & Brain”. It’s a place for your pup to EXPLORE. The goal is for them to be exposed to novel obstacles such as a maze, a rope bridge, stairs, a tipping board, a tunnel, a ball pit, and more! At the same time, they are given the opportunity to find “treasure targets” by making their own choices. Treasure targets may have a taste of peanut butter, a single treat, a small box filled with tasty morsels, or the grand prize of a frozen kong (or something of the owner’s choice) to take back to their crate to enjoy.

It's a place for your pup to SELF LEARN! They will always have a trainer with them to assist if needed, but the goal is to allow the pup to trouble-shoot, brain storm, and make their own CHOICES to figure out how to locate the “treasure targets” all on their own!

It's a place to CONQUER! Even though we are promoting choice, your pup will need some assistance, especially mastering "Monster Tug”. This is a piece of equipment that requires the pup to pull a rope toy which lifts the cover of the most valuable treasure target: the grand prize frozen kong to take back to the pup’s crate to enjoy! But, since “Monster Tug" has rules and doesn't allow cheating it is not easy to conquer!


How Does B&B Pup Club help your pups?

B&B Pup Club is the only program of it’s kind in Colorado Springs.  It was developed by Angie Neal, CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant), to make sure socialization is done right! Angie utilized over 30 years of experience in the field to help her design the obstacles in the Clubhouse with the pups’ physical and psychological well-being in mind. The obstacles teach body awareness and provide a physical workout while searching for treasure targets exercises natural olfactory senses (they have to use their amazing noses and sense of smell) which provides mental enrichment. We are building confidence by encouraging brain storming, trouble shooting, and problem solving.

In the spirit of friendly competition, pups that can complete the whole course will be timed. We will publish a weekly Leaderboard on Facebook, and first place will receive a ribbon and a toy to take home. Whose pup will beat that time? Perhaps that pup is yours? Sign up for the new B&B Pup Club and find out!

How does it work? What does it cost?
Puppies and dogs of all ages may join the Club (although there might be a size and/or weight limit to use some of the obstacles). Puppies enrolled in B&B Puppy School may join for free. All other pups may book by appointment (choose an additional service for Dayschoolers or Daytime Socials).



B&B Puppy School
first day.JPG
puppy school

B&B stands for Body & Brain. Often, young puppies or those coming to us for the first time get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of dayschool, and they need a more quiet environment. In order to prevent undue stress on the puppies, socialization needs to be done slowly and with patience. Furthermore, they are just getting used to their crates, need help with potty training, and they need a different puppy set-up (open crate with an x-pen around it and a designated potty spot). Thus the B&B Puppy School was born.

This program is for puppies from 8 weeks - 5 or 6 months old. (There may be exceptions for older shy and/or smaller dogs on a case by case basis.) The program is still a-la-carte in that you can start any time, you can do full or half days, and you can pay as you go or buy a package.

Please note: we require a 30 minute "Parent Puppy Day" appointment to get you started! (see enrollment procedure below)

What will my puppy’s day look like?

The puppies will come out of their individual set-ups and play with each other in a room with interactive toys that wobble, make sounds, and look and feel strange. Groups are not bigger than 5 or 6  puppies per one trainer who will supervise play and interrupt when needed. During this group play they practice recall from play and training on leave it, sits, down, impulse control, etc. Each puppy will also get about 30minutes (60 minutes for a full day) of one-on-one training time with the trainer. There will also be mandatory rest times with a Kong provided by us (at no cost to you) or a chew brought from home. AND - puppies enrolled in B&B Puppy School will be able to experience and join the B&B Pup Club for free!

What will my puppy learn?


  • Socialization (to other dogs, people, and novel objects and textures)

  • Crate Training

  • Handling and grooming skills

  • Desensitizing to sounds and objects

  • Potty training

  • Basic Obedience (including sits, downs, impulse control, and leave it)

  • After 8 full days of Puppy School, puppies can expect to be able to pass the PDA Level 1 assessment markers (for more information on what that entails, please click HERE)

How do I learn what my puppy learns?

  • You will receive daily pawgress reports with videos and write ups through your Gingr client portal

  • You will be given homework (will be explained in the pawgress reports)

  • You first Dayschool Package includes a FREE Private lesson with a trainer to show you how to maintain your training at home (a $65 value). With every additional package you will be able to schedule a Private Lesson at 50% off.

  • And/or enroll in our 8 week Puppy K class, so you can learn alongside and together with your Puppy (you receive a 20% discount with any package, see below)!

What does it cost?

Please check our prices on our price page.

BONUS! Included with your first  Dayschool package is a FREE 30 minute private lesson.  A trainer will teach you how to continue working on your puppy's dayschool training at home. With each additional package you will be able to schedule a private lesson at 50% off. Additionally, when you purchase a Dayschool Package, you are eligible for a 10% discount on our Puppy-K class. We highly recommend supplementing Dayschool with a class because you build a connection with your puppy as you go through training together.

Enrollment Procedure


If you are a new client wanting to enroll your puppy in in our B&B Puppy School, Puppy Daytime Social or Puppy Boarding,  here are the steps to take:

  1. You schedule a Puppy Parent Day. In order to  acclimate your puppy to the facility and the trainers, our B&B Pup Club Inventor and Certified Behavior Consultant Angie Neal, will meet with your puppy AND you for about 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes you will both explore the Pup Club, different areas of the facility and possibly meet some other dogs. Most importantly your Puppy will not just be dropped off and left with us at a new and "scary" place. After this first appointment, Angie will decide whether the next step is your orientation day, or if your puppy needs more puppy parent days before they are actually left alone. Socialization at that age is extremely important and has to be done right in order to not traumatize your puppy needlessly!

  2. Your puppy attends an orientation day. Depending on your situation that can be a half or a full day. Your puppy will not receive any “official” training sessions yet, however we will assess how well they do in group, their stress levels at the facility and just generally get to know each other. Please schedule a day where you are open to come back early, if we need to call you, because puppy is too stressed out!

  3. At the end of this first day, our trainer will let you know either at pick-up or through your “Pawgress Report”, which package option would be the best for your puppy going forward.

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