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OUR services- Daytime Social

Adolescents and Adults


Daytime Social is what other facilities call "Doggie Daycare".

How are we different? While PACFA rules allow for 1 dog handler per 15 dogs, at House of Dog we believe in the quality of play and always have the welfare of the dogs in mind. There is a fine line between socializing and traumatizing. Here you will rarely see more than 6 dogs per handler - or even groups bigger than 6.

Our Kennel Techs are very well versed in Dog Body Language, and each shift has at least one employee that is certified in Pet First Aid.

What will my dog's day will look like?


  • Dogs get out of their kennels  and go out into playgroup at least every 2 hours. They are paired up with other dogs that suit their particular size and/or playstyle.

  • There is no set schedule as it depends on each individual dog, as well as any given particular group, how long they want to play together.

  • After play comes rest. Adult dogs need between 8 and 13.5 hours of sleep each day. It is important that they can take naps while at our facility.

  • While in their kennels they also receive mental enrichment in form of stuffed frozen Kongs (at no extra cost to you), to help them settle.

  • Pawgress Reports.  More for the owners than for the puppies.  At the end of every day, you will receive a “pawgress” report that includes pictures and videos of  playtime.  This means you’ll get to see how much fun your dog is having! Live webcams are also available.

  • You can pay as you go or purchase a package that saves you one day (or half day).


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Enrollment Procedure


If you are a new client wanting to enroll your dog in Daytime Social, here are the three steps to take:

  1. Set up a 15 minute "Meet with a Trainer" appointment. You will have a chance to see the facility and meet our kennel techs. At the meeting we will make sure we have all the necessary information as well as to answer any questions you may have. (Puppies will instead do  a "Puppy Parent Day")

  2. Your dog attends an orientation depending on your situation that can be a half or a full day. We will assess how well they do in group, their stress levels at the facility and just generally get to know each other. It is ok for dogs to not WANT to play on their first day. We will go slow and give plenty of snuggles.

  3. At the end of this first day, we will let you know either at pick-up or through your “Pawgress Report”, how your dog/puppy acclimated to staying with us.

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