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Who we are

We use positive reinforcement-based dog training methods and the least intrusive methods nurturing the bond with your companion animal. We don't us aversive stimulation (fear) positive punishment/negative reinforcement based methods.  We find them unethical, inefficent, ineffective when working with your companion animal. These methods come with behavior risks like (fall out, flooding, shutting down) and deteriorate the human animal bond. We are also very passionate about pet-overpopulation and the plight of homeless dogs. Having extensive experience working with rescue animals, we know that the right training and behavior change program helps these animals find and keep their forever homes.  We also strive to keep current companion animals in their current homes.  

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Mission Statement

To help increase and/or strengthen the bond between the dog and it's human by giving you the tools to communicate effectively with your dog and help them understand the rules of living as a canine in a human world. Respectively, we strive to teach the Human the finer points of canine communication. Being passionate about the cause of pet-overpopulation and the plight of homeless dogs, strengthening the human/animal bond as well as giving canines more confidence will reduce adoption failures and the need to re-home dogs.

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Assistant Manager


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Lead KT, 
Pet First Aid Certification


Lead KT,
Pet First Aid


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PCT-A Certified Trainer
Fear Free Certified
Pet First Aid

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