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Cautious Dogs and People Cautious Dogs

Over night boarding for dogs that can't play with other dogs or might be people reactive.

***Please note that a meet & greet appointment is required to book a cautious dog for boarding

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Cautious Dogs are dogs that cannot play with other dogs.  They may be shy, old, have a medical issue, or be reactive (to name a few reasons why a dog might be considered “cautious”).  Since cautious dogs cannot participate in group play, we charge slightly more per night for boarding and provide them with special one-on-one time outside their kennel.  Prior to boarding a cautious dog, you will first be required to set up an assessment appointment with a trainer (whether you want to Board & Train or "just" board. You will then be required to attend one (or more) 15 minute “Meet&Greet” appointment(s). This procedure is to ensure your dog is comfortable being handled by our trainers and kennel techs.  If over time (and with proper training) your dog is able to join appropriate play groups, your boarding cost will be lowered to our standard rates.

People Cautious Dogs

People Cautious Dogs will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis and only IF you have a working relationship with us already.


These are dogs that are not comfortable around anyone other than their owner, cannot be readily handled by our staff, and/or possibly have a bite record.  Boarding a people cautious dog is more expensive due to the extra work involved in making sure your dog is properly cared for. For the safety of your dog and our staff, you will be required to attend a 30 minute assessment (with one of our trainers. After the initial assessment, we will recommend one or more “meet and greet” appointments in which you bring your dog to the facility to acclimate to our staff.  If over the course of these meet and greets your dog grows comfortable with our staff to the point where we feel confident and safe when handling them, we can reduce your rates to either the cautious dog or standard boarding price (depending on your dog’s ability to interact with other dogs).

Note: If you refuse to participate in the required assessments and “meet and greet” appointments for your dog and our staff, we may refuse to board your dog due to safety reasons.  We will not risk our staff or the other dogs in our care without following specific protocols.

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