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Cautious Dogs and People Cautious Dogs

Dayschool for dogs that can't play with other dogs or might be people reactive.

***Please note that an assessment    appointment is required to book a cautious dog for  Dayschool

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This service is available Mon-Sun from 7am-6pm. Since Cautious Dogs can not play (yet) and require more individualized attention it is slightly more expensive than regular Dayschool. We recommend purchasing a Cautious Dog Dayschool package (8 sessions) and reserving all of your days at once.

To enroll your dog in Cautious Dog Dayschool, you’ll need to book a 30 minute assessment at our facility.  Our trainers will be able to assess your dog and determine - together with you - your goals for you and your dog.

Your dog’s day will look like:

  • Individualized training. Based on the training goals you establish during your assessment, our trainers will work with your dog on things like "Look at That" (LAT), "Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)", Muzzle Training and Desensitization and Socialization (to dogs, situations and people). 

  • Rest.  Puppies aren’t the only ones who get tired after a long day of training!  We ensure that dogs will have plenty of rest and TLC from our trainers and kennel techs.

  • Pawgress Reports. More for the owners than for the dogs.  At the end of every day, you will receive a “pawgress” report that includes a write-up from the trainer that worked with your dog as well as pictures and videos of training and playtime.  This means you’ll get to see how  your dog is learning!


BONUS! Included with every Dayschool package is a free 30 minute “transfer lesson”.  A trainer will teach you how to continue working on your dog’s dayschool training at home.  Additionally, when you purchase a Dayschool package, you are eligible for a 20% discount on our Growl class (if your trainer agrees that your dog is ready for growl class). 

Cautious Dog Dayschool Pricing 

- $75 for a full day (60 minutes of training)

- $42 for a half day (30 minutes of training)
- $550 /package (8 sessions; $50 savings)

- $10 late fee for pick ups after 6pm (last pick up 8pm)


Boarding and Behavior Center

57 Sunflower Road

Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

Telephone: (719) 646-1422


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