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Adolescent and Adult Dog Dayschool

This service is only offered at House of Dog Training Studio

3123 N El Paso Street

Adolescent and Adult Dog Dayschool is for puppies that have graduated from B&B Puppy
School, confident puppies over 5 months old, and other social dogs (meaning they are able to
play in a group). Please note: we require a 15 minute Meet&Greet ($10) for new clients to get
you started! Dogs will be trained in groups of no more than 5 dogs per trainer. Training in a group allows for
more socializing, working around distractions, and impulse control. The program a-la-
carte,meaning you can start any time, you can come any weekday Monday - Friday, you can
do full or half days, and you can pay as you go or buy a package.


What will my dog’s day look like?

Dogs will be paired in groups matched by temperament and/or size. Groups are not bigger
than 5 dogs per one trainer who will supervise play and interrupt when needed. During this
group play, they practice recall from play and training on leave it, sits, down, impulse control,
etc. in a group. Each dog will also get about 10-15 minute one-on-one training time with the
trainer to work on specific challenges you tell us on drop off. If you would prefer more one-on-
one training time with a trainer, you can request that at extra cost. Each dog will also have
mandatory rest times with a kong (provided by us for free) or a chew brought from home.


My dog can play, but why should I choose this program over the program at Sunflower Road?

If your dog can play, you want to chose the program at the training Studio, because:

-They experience minimal time in the crate
-More socializing
-More time training in a group ( which is better for training because it adds distractions and works on impulse control, mimicking the real world)

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