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Did you know that we offer a FREE 15 minute "GET TO KNOW YOU CALL"? If you don't know whether you need a trainer, have a small problem  we may be able to talk you through, or if you are just not sure which of our services is right for you, please call us and one of our certified trainers will be happy to Help!

Give us a call at 719-646-1422. We service Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.


We offer Obedience Classes for Adults and puppies!

Volunteering in the dog-rescue field made me realize that somebody needs to give a voice to the voiceless. I am passionate about helping Humans and Canids understand each other better and to show the owners a humane way to teach their dogs.
I have earned my certification through the Companion Animal Science Institute. I have experience with behavior issues ranging from separation anxiety, resource guarding aggression and fear.
As a certified positive reinforcement trainer, I believe in using the latest methods in building a strong bond with your dog.  I specialize in service dog training, behavioral problems such as aggression, and children's safety.

Allison, CPDT-KA

Stevie, CBST

Astrid, CPDT-KSA

Our goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your companion animal.  We believe in the natural science of behavior and don't rely on speculative assumptions and postulates. Our training and behavior-change programs are geared towards real-world behavior engineering, making it more efficient and effective.  We identify the actual (verifiable) causes of behavior, changing the behavior rather than suppressing the behavior.  We pride ourselves on staying educated and current on all the newest  developments and training methods so we may better serve you and your companion animal.

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