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Kathryn S: "Astrid has been a fabulous trainer! I appreciated her coming to my house to train my 2.5 yr old dog while I was at work- I completely trusted her in my home. Astrid would meet with me, and teach me what she was doing with Hayley (my dog) so I could practice as well. She provided me with training updates via email so I would have progress reports. Astrid is a great trainer- I HIGHLY recommend her!!"

Betty T:  "I found Stevie's techniques very useful. Stevie took a shy and frightened rescue Sharpei and turned her into a confident wonderful girl. Thank You Stevie!"

Cara Marshall: "Not only did Astrid spoil and love our dogs like they were her own, she battled the snow storm to make sure they were taken care of. She even shoveled the walk way for them. It was such a relief to know that someone like Astrid was with them even in the biggest snow storm in 7 years."

John Adams: "I wasn't sure it was our dog, they had him under control in less than 3 minutes. I was sure they pulled a switch-a-roo! Seriously it was a great training session. As we put into practice what we learned, and Rocky learned, we will continue our training with HoDT."

Lindsey S.: "Astrid paid quality attention to my puppy. She also came to my house for a lesson to make sure my puppy got it in her own setting." 

Liz P.: "A very positive experience. Astrid is working tirelessly with my difficulty breed dog to understand him and help him overcome his behavioral issues. I recommend House of Dog Training as one of the Best."

Pierre B.: "Ailison is very knowledgeable and friendly! I was very satisfied by how they showed a passion in helping my dogs get over the anxiety issues they were exhibiting when I contacted House of Dog Training. Over the phone and in person, they explained everything in an easy and understandable way so I could properly train my dogs towards the proper behavior I wanted."

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