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produced an interest to better understand dogs' behavior, a desire to raise a well mannered, happy pet, and establish respectful relations with neighbors.  Searching for a qualified Trainer, I discovered Angie Neal CDBC, and promptly Puppy Kindergarten was scheduled.  Sophie and I completed Lucky Dog's Beginning Obedience eight week classes in January 2009.  We eagerly signed up for Levels Obedience Training, a six months program with Angie, enjoying every minute the wonderful world of dogs; so much so we completed the course twice.  Obedience training led us to complete the Canine Good Citizen Program obtaining Sophie's certification in November 2009. 

Opening the door to dogs' intelligence captured my interest to join Angie Neal's Lucky Dog University Apprenticeship Program in March 2014.  I received my Trainer's Assistant Certification in September 2014.  During the six month course I logged over two hundred and eighty hours walking, and training rescue dogs with various issues for placement in their forever homes and continue presently volunteering with rescues. I continue to attend educational seminars such as (Dogs - From Pups to Problems), with renowned author, Certified Dog Trainer, Trish King CDBC, Dr. Ian Dunbar's seminar (Dog Aggression: Fighting) and (Barking up The Wrong Tree) and Nando Brown's Aggression, Loose Lead Walking, Tricks and Puppy Foundation seminar.  My experience includes assisting Angie Neal in classes accomplishing a working knowledge of dog training.  The program provides the privilege to attend in home consultations, gaining a better understanding of learning principles when applied correctly and consistently resolves problems and issues creating happy dogs.  In late 2014 I was promoted to a Trainers position through Lucky Dog University aspiring to follow in the footsteps of my accomplished mentor Angie Neal CDBC. Since then I have taught my own Puppy Kindergarten classes and Beginner Obedience Classes. My passion is to show you how to have fun with your dogs. I have developed a "Fun with your Nose" class that was launched at House of Dog in the summer of 2016 and I now have 4 levels of Nosework. In May of 2016 I achieved my Treibball Certification and have been teaching classes in that discipline when there is interest. I earned my Canine Nutrition Certification in 2018 and my Professional Canine Trainer - Accredited (PCT-A) through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board in 2019.

Stephanie Dowdell, PCT-A

My journey into dog training began with Sophie an 8 week old Heeler/Pitbull mix.  The joys of puppy hood soon met with reality. Reactivity to other dogs, resource guarding behaviors, and relentless, abundant energy created a home with a wild and crazy puppy on the loose. This along with a neighbor's strong dislike to pit-bull breeds

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