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Behavior  Modification

This is for more advanced behavior issues and involves time and commitment from both the trainer and your family.  It's customized to fit your unique needs.  Listed below are some examples of behavior I can help you change.

  • Leave it- Your companion animal will learn to leave food on the table, trash, squirrels on walks and much more.
  • Calm welcome when guests come to visit and when you come home.
  • Fetch and other games to strengthen recalls.
  • Strong come when called.
  • Stays and waits
  • Left side and walking politely on a leash.
  • Potty training
  • Tricks
  • Off leash work
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Much more!

We do offer a day training program if you don't have the time or ability to train your dog yourself. We come to your house five days a week for four weeks and train your dog.  At the end of the program we show you how to maintain the training and how to communicate with your companion animal.  (Please check out our board and train program as well).


Private Consultations / Obedience Classes

Below is a list of tools we can add to your toolbox. The amount of lessons varies on how often you work with your dog and their learning ability.

  • Resource guarding- guarding food, areas in the house, toys, bones, you and so on.

  • Separation Anxiety- that can lead to excessive barking, digging,chewing, self mutilation and damage to the house.

  • Fence fighting and patrolling

  • Fear and aggression toward dogs

  • Fear and anxiety from everything

  • We also help with vet and grooming trips and problems in the car or getting into the car, Leash frustration and public reactivity

  • Potty training

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