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  Is the Reactive Dog Program right for you?


This program is designed for the dog who is uncomfortable or becomes overly excited in the presence of strangers, other dogs or both. Most dogs express this by lunging, barking, pulling, they have dilated pupils and their hackles are raised. Most people think their dog is aggressive but really, they have no choice, because when on a leash we take their ability to flee the situation away. Other dogs shut down, hiding behind their owners with their tails tucked between their legs, ears pinned back, they may shake and lick their lips or drool, and/or shed excessively. If this sounds like your dog, then you are in the right place.  Stevie Fields CBST  and Stephanie Dowdell have developed a program just for your dog. 

Stevie and Stephanie have teamed up with Linda Hoover, Companion Animal Practitioner and developed a comprehensive program that is designed to help your dog from the inside out. This is a 9 week program and starts off with a half hour consultation with a trainer. We go over your enrollment form and create a functional assessment making sure the program is right for you.

After your assessment you will schedule a two hour private with Linda Hoover. 

What is Tellington TTouch, and how can it help my dog?
TTouch  (the extra T is for Trust) is a method of working with animals. 
There are 3 aspects: 
we communicate with the animal and relate to the animal; 
we use touch and movement to influence the behavior; 
we don't force them to do anything.
We think of the 3 R's---

Results (what we want), Respect (for the animal), and Relationship (how to build or enhance it).

TTouch is a specific form of touch to help them relax, calm down, and feel good about being touched.  It includes body work and ground work, where appropriate. The touches are not massage or acupressure, and they are not invasive.  The movements are slow, rhythmical, and mindful.  They are non-habitual, thus the animal has no instinctive, programmed reaction to them. This allows an animal  to think before acting, rather than just reacting.  TTouches include slides, lifts, and circular touches. The groundwork involves guiding the animal through movement exercises in non-habitual ways.  Together, they are designed to create a calm, attentive, focused state of consciousness.  This helps them to be more capable of learning new behaviors. TTouch helps increase self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-control.
Because TTouch allows an animal to recover from poor handling in the past, it is very helpful for rescued dogs that may be hand-shy, wary of being touched, or that stiffen anxiously when touched, rather than enjoying it. Feeling less tense, the animal is less prone to reactive behavior. TTouch reduces the physical and mental stress created by human contact, handling, environment and other sub-optimum environmental conditions. 

A week after the first lesson with Linda Hoover you will have a 60min private lesson with Stevie or Stephanie at House of Dog Training. We teach you how to handle what gear you will be training with. Some dogs will be using a harness with a clip on the back and a 20' leash and others may need a
newtrix with a shorter leash. If your dog has bitten another dog or person we will also fit your dog with a muzzle and start muzzle training at this point. You will also receive a behavior modification program to work on at home. The next week you will have a 30min private lesson at the facility. We keep most of the lessons short because we want you and your dog to have a positive experience and not stress out. The longer you work on reactivity the more likely you will end the lesson with your dog practicing their reactive behavior.  The flow of the program will be:           

                                          30 min Assessment at House of Dog Training 

                                             2 hour private with Linda Hoover

                                            60 min private at House of Dog Training

                                            30 min private at House of Dog Training 

                                            30 min private at House of Dog Training

                                            1 hour private with Linda Hoover

                                            30 min private at House of Dog Training

                                            30 min private at House of Dog Training

                                            30 min evaluation at House of Dog Training

The Program is $435 saving you $40. You have 3 months to complete the program.



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