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Assessment Markers for PDA 1

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Puppies attending our B&B Puppy School should be able to perform the following exercises after 8 full sessions of Puppy School. Puppies attending Puppy K should be able to pass this test after 8 weeks of class.

Exercise 1, Sit at Front and Side with Collar Grab

puppy sits twice in front and twice at the side of the guardian
sit and collar grab is carried out four times
guardian bridges and reinforces puppy after each sit and collar take Guardian can use verbal or visual cue, no food in cuing hand
sit on first cue and allow collar take on each attempt
take collar under chin
puppy remains in place for 3 seconds, then released
on one occasion puppy is asked to “look” and hold it for 2 seconds

Exercise 2, Give and Take Exchange

may use toy or food (food needs to be long enough to hold) Engage puppy with item
request the puppy to give up the item
take item and bridge and reinforce with high value treat

Exercise 3, Leave It

present an inanimate object by hand, close to puppy’s nose Keys, sunglasses, pen, sock
cue puppy to leave it
when puppy leaves, bridge and reinforce

Exercise 4, Loose Leash Walking

puppy walks on a loose leash with guardian for 40 feet toward a known person
(use markers) place known person 6 feet away from the end marker at end marker puppy stops automatically
guardian cues sit, drop or stand
guardian bridges and reinforces for appropriate behavior, which is:
no pulling towards the known person
performing a sit, down or stand as requested or automatically

Exercise 5, Social Interaction

each puppy demonstrates polite greeting between one another Greeting is to be no longer than two seconds, then move on
each handler should wear a hat or sunglasses, carry a shopping bag or takeaway coffee cup or similar or an open umbrella

Exercise 6, Wait to be Fed

cue the puppy to sit or down and cue a wait
place bowl 3 feet away from puppy
after 3 seconds release the puppy to eat from the bowl While puppy is eating, drop higher value food in bowl

Exercise 7, Recall

known person holds puppy’s collar or harness Guardian moves 16 feet away

no formal stay but the puppy cannot follow the guardian
known person may talk to the puppy to encourage remaining Guardian calls the puppy, who is immediately released
puppy may sit in front of guardian
guardian reaches for collar under chin before reinforcing the recall

Exercise 8, Handling

guardian touches each following body part for at least 2 seconds both ears, tail, all four feet, mouth and flews, strokes along puppy’s back

Exercise 9, Go To Place

guardian stands next to place and cues puppy to go to it

puppy goes to place and lies down
puppy may be cued to down
puppy may be reinforced for going to place and down Guardian may cue the puppy to stay
puppy remains in place for 10 seconds and then is released

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