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We will be happy to administer any supplements and medications you bring. Please note that according to PACFA (Colorado Department of Agriculture) which we are licensed through, if you bring any non-pet specific supplements, we need your written permission to give those. Additionally, if your dog is on any sort of calming medication, we need permission. Furthermore, we need a prescription on your veterinary's stationary, stating that he prescribed those medications and that he knows this is for boarding purposes. You can upload those files to the portal together with your vaccination records (explanation further down). If you don't have any of those, just click "n/a". PLEASE NOTE: We always need the original prescription bottles from the vet.

This is the owner information. Please note that there are some fields that are required, noted by*. You will not be able to save your entries if you do not fill out those fields. Tip: An emergency contact should be somebody that is IN TOWN while you are away!

There is a field to put your credit card on file. This is not required, unless you are participating in our puppy membership, but it might make it easier for you if you do a lot of training with us and like to pay online. We are PCI compliant and your data is secured and encrypted.

We hope this little tutorial helps you navigate your portal better and that in time you will find it much more convenient than the old way of doing things.

If you have a pop up blocker installed, you may want to disable it for this site.

This portal is accessible on all platforms, computers, tablets and phones. I personally find it a little cumbersome to add a lot of the information and type on the phone, but tablet and laptop are  great. If you are just viewing your pawgress reports and photos and videos, tablets and phones are great! Also, uploading files is simple. Just take a picture of the vaccination records and upload right from your device.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or problems!

Let's explore the top menu really quick:

1 - Your account and all the different actions you can take from there.

2 - This is where our training reports, photos, and videos will show up. Even if your dog is just boarding or doing playtime at HoD, you should see something here at some point, so you know how your dog is doing.

3 - This is where you can see all your reservations, payments, deposits, and you can also request services from here instead of the quick action button.

4 - These are other useful links such as getting to our website, another way to upload your files,  or to edit your account.


This is what it looks like when you have successfully signed your agreements. You can view them right in your portal by clicking on "view", but you will also receive an email, so you have the documents for your records.

Please list the medications/supplements, with strength and dosage and click "I agree".

Once you save those entries, your agreements screen will pop up. The first is our contract/waiver, explaining all the liabilities and the cancellation policies. The second is a photo release, since we are taking pictures and videos of your dogs for our "pawgress reports" and also for social media. If you do not want us to post on social media (this is just for your dogs!), please let us know in the notes section!

Another button on your quick action menu is the "upload files". You can use that button to upload your vaccination records, vet prescriptions or any other pertinent documents you would like us to see. Those files can be .pdf or .jpg files!

Click the box to select your pets. (We know this is silly if you only have one dog. It's just how the system works.) Finish by clicking "request enrollment for $0000". You will then be directed to a screen to pay the deposit or pay for your class in full. The deposit is only to hold your spot, and it will be applied toward the final cost if you choose to pay in person at the facility. If you no-show without a reason, you forfeit that deposit.

Next is your dog's information. Please note that if you are doing ANY sort of training with us, you need to fill out ALL the information. We know this is A LOT of info, but it will help our trainers to give the best service possible. Just think: Before we had this client portal you had to do all this by hand and on paper! Again, there will be some fields that are required, whether you are doing training or not. Those are marked with a red asterisk. DON'T FORGET TO ADD A CUTE PICTURE OF YOUR DOG! WE LOVE SEEING THOSE!

The menu will expand, giving you the class description and links to your class materials (don't worry, you will also receive an email with those links once you sign up). On the right you will also see all the dates and times your classes take place. This is important especially during Holiday times, when weeks might be skipped.

When you click on your account, or "view account", this is what your "home" screen looks like. You have a quick actions menu for the things you need most, but you can also navigate there through the tabs on the top. Let's look at some of the quick actions.

Click on the orange "sign" button and the next screen will pop up. Your electronic signature will be you typing your name, password and hit the orange sign button.

This is an example for Group Classes. The schedule of upcoming classes will appear. Select the type and day/time that works best for you and click on it.

Step 1: Click request services. You can then request Dayschool, Daycare and Boarding, Training Appointments or Group Classes.

Step 3: This is an example of "appointments". PLEASE NOTE - if you would like to set up a private IN HOME lesson, you have to still call us after you create your portal, because we want to make sure we send out the trainer that is  best qualified for your needs.

House of Dog Training has gone paperless! Instead of making you fill out pages of paperwork and bring in vaccination records, you can now sign up on our portal and fill everything out digitally. This can be done from a computer, tablet or your smartphone. Once your portal is created, all of your info lives there. You can request reservations and appointments, reschedule or cancel reservations and appointments, enroll in classes, and pay for your services online (if you like - you can also still pay at the facility). You can also see your dog's "pawgress reports" that will usually include videos and/or photos of their training and boarding. Here is how you get started: CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING PICTURE:

GINGR Client Portal

If you are an existing customer, click on the blue button, enter your email address and follow the prompts. If you are a new customer, click on the grey button and start filling out the registration form as pictured below:




Step 2: Select your location (currently only one) and which type of service.

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