"Just" Boarding

Are you going out of town and need a place to board your dog? Without the training? We can help! We only have 5 kennels, so your dogs will receive plenty of personalized attention, walks, ball play, etc. They can even hang out with us in the office during the day. If they are dog-friendly, they will be able to play with other boarders. (We also offer "Dayboarding", for when you just need the dog out of the house for the day).

This is a great option for nervous/shy dogs, who don't do well in large facilities, due to the stress and noise level.

Since we are all experienced trainers, we are able to handle dog and people aggressive dogs who may not be accepted at a "mainstream" facility.

The risk for kennel cough is greatly reduced at our facility, due to the low number of boarders.

Our Services -

We accept all major credit and debit cards! 

We also accept PAYPAL!

Ask us about military, senior, and rescue discounts. 

Rescues may contact us for discounts and partnerships!

We offer lifetime support for all programs.  We service Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.  Please contact us at (719) 646 - 1422 or email trainers@houseofdogtraining.com.

House of Dog Training

Please Note! We pride ourselves on the specialized boarding services we provide. We are able to board dogs that would not do well in regular facilities, due to aggression, anxieties or other special needs. Often times those dogs come with medications - which we are happy to administer. PACFA (Department of Agriculture), which we are licensed through, requires that when you bring in medications, we need the original prescription bottles from your veterinarian. If you want to bring us pill sorters, that is fine, but we also need the bottles! Furthermore, if those medications are sedatives or calming medications (Fluoxetine, Trazadone, Claumicalm, to name just a few), we also need the written prescription from the prescribing veterinarian, as well as your written permission. We are also happy to administer supplements. If those supplements are non-petspecific (benadryl, salmon oil), we will also have to ask for your written permission. Please make sure you have those documents with you when you come for boarding and don't be surprised if we ask you to sign a medication form. We take the mental as well as physical health of our clients very seriously and have procedures in place for medications that assure we give the right dosage at the right time, to the right dogs! We will also be contacting your veterinarians, to make them aware of those regulations. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

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