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B&B stands for Body & Brain. Often, young puppies or those coming to us for the first time get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of dayschool, and they need a more quiet environment. In order to prevent undue stress on the puppies, socialization needs to be done slowly and with patience. Furthermore, they are just getting used to their crates, need help with potty training, and they need a different puppy set-up (open crate with an x-pen around it and a designated potty spot). Thus the B&B Puppy School was born.

This program is for puppies from 8 weeks - 5 months old. (There may be exceptions for older shy and/or smaller dogs on a case by case basis.) The program is still a-la-carte in that you can start any time, it is open during the week from Monday-Friday, you can do full or half days, and you can pay as you go or buy a package. Please note: we require a 15 minute Meet&Greet ($10) to get you started!

What will my puppy’s day look like?

The puppies will come out of their individual set-ups and play with each other in a room with interactive toys that wobble, make sounds, and look and feel strange. Groups are not bigger than 5 or 6  puppies per one trainer who will supervise play and interrupt when needed. During this group play they practice recall from play and training on leave it, sits, down, impulse control, etc. Each puppy will also get about 10-15 minutes of one-on-one training time with the trainer. There will also be mandatory rest times with a Kong provided by us (at no cost to you) or a chew brought from home. AND - puppies enrolled in B&B Puppy School will be able to experience and join the B&B Pup Club for free!

What will my puppy learn?

  • Socialization (to other dogs, people, and novel objects and textures)
  • Crate Training
  • Handling and grooming skills
  • Desensitizing to sounds and objects
  • Potty training
  • Basic Obedience (including sits, downs, impulse control, and leave it)
  • After 8 full days of Puppy School, puppies can expect to be able to pass the PDA Level 1 assessment markers (for more information on what that entails, please click HERE)

How do I learn what my puppy learns?

  • You will receive daily pawgress reports with videos and write ups through your Gingr client portal
  • You will be given homework (will be explained in the pawgress reports)
  • After every 4 full days you receive a free 30 minute transfer lesson with a trainer (a $40 value)
  • And/or enroll in our 8 week Puppy K class, so you can learn alongside and together with your Puppy (you receive a 20% discount with any package, see below)!

What does it cost?

  • 1/2 day (4 hours or less)                    - $43
  • 1/2 day package (8 sessions)        - $304 (saves $40)
  • Full day (4 hours or more)            - $73
  • Full day package (8 days)              - $544 (saves $40)
  • B&B Pup Club                                  - FREE
  • Puppy-K                                            - $175 (or $140 with purchase of puppy school package)

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