B&B stands for “Body & Brain”. It’s a place for your pup to EXPLORE. The goal is for them to be exposed to novel obstacles such as a maze, a rope bridge, stairs, a tipping board, a tunnel, a ball pit, and more! At the same time, they are given the opportunity to find “treasure targets” by making their own choices. Treasure targets may have a taste of peanut butter, a single treat, a small box filled with tasty morsels, or the grand prize of a frozen kong (or something of the owner’s choice) to take back to their crate to enjoy.

It's a place for your pup to SELF LEARN! They will always have a trainer with them to assist if needed, but the goal is to allow the pup to trouble-shoot, brain storm, and make their own CHOICES to figure out how to locate the “treasure targets” all on their own!

It's a place to CONQUER! Even though we are promoting choice, your pup will need some assistance, especially mastering "Monster Tug”. This is a piece of equipment that requires the pup to pull a rope toy which lifts the cover of the most valuable treasure target: the grand prize frozen kong to take back to the pup’s crate to enjoy! But, since “Monster Tug" has rules and doesn't allow cheating it is not easy to conquer!

How Does B&B Pup Club help your pups?
B&B Pup Club is the only program of it’s kind in Colorado Springs.  It was developed by Angie Neal, CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant), to make sure socialization is done right! Angie utilized over 30 years of experience in the field to help her design the obstacles in the Clubhouse with the pups’ physical and psychological well-being in mind. The obstacles teach body awareness and provide a physical workout while searching for treasure targets exercises natural olfactory senses (they have to use their amazing noses and sense of smell) which provides mental enrichment. We are building confidence by encouraging brain storming, trouble shooting, and problem solving.

In the spirit of friendly competition, pups that can complete the whole course will be timed. We will publish a weekly Leaderboard on Facebook, and first place will receive a ribbon and a toy to take home. Whose pup will beat that time? Perhaps that pup is yours? Sign up for the new B&B Pup Club and find out!

How does it work? What does it cost?
Puppies and dogs of all ages may join the Club (although there might be a size and/or weight limit to use some of the obstacles). Puppies enrolled in B&B Puppy School may join for free. All other pups may book by appointment (choose an additional service for Dayschoolers or Daytime Socials).

The Cost is:
  10 minutes for $10
  20 minutes for $20
  30 minutes for $30
  Membership fee: $300 receives 33 credits. 10 minutes = 1 credit (you save $30)
            Unused credits expire after 60 days


B&B Pup Club

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