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House of Dog Training Apprentice Program

The House of Dog Training Apprentice Program is for individuals who are interested in dog training, behavior consulting, and shelter and rescue work.  The program is designed to facilitate the achievement of respected education credentials. Completion of the program represents a high level of competence.

The House of Dog Training Apprentice Program utilizes the mentorship of three certified professionals: Astrid Tryon, Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA), Stevie Fields, Canine Behavior Science Technologist (CBST), and Angie Neal, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC).  The other certified trainers at House of Dog Training are also available for guidance.

Program overview:

  • Learn to conduct private assessments, both at the facility and in-home, in order to evaluate behavioral issues and develop training goals.
  • Learn to instruct basic behavior classes for puppies and adult dogs, as well as basic instruction for tricks and agility classes.
  • Learn how to establish a comprehensive board and train program for basic behavior as well as behavior change programs.
  • Learn how the administrative side of shelters and rescues operate.
  • Learn how to work with shelter dogs and understand their unique challenges.
  • Learn how to start and maintain a dog training business.

The first year of apprenticeship will consist of shadowing trainers in our basic puppy and adult dog behavior classes.  If possible, we encourage apprentices to participate in one of these classes as a student in order to demonstrate proficiency in performing the skills.  As apprentices begin to feel competent in performing the training, they will begin instructing the classes. Usually, trainers will allow apprentices to teach one or two techniques per class until the apprentice is able to teach all skills for a class.  By the end of the first year of apprenticeship, apprentices should be able to conduct their own classes under the supervision of a certified trainer. These classes can be used towards certification requirements.

In the second year of apprenticeship, apprentices will observe assessment appointments and assist trainers in our dayschool program.  The focus will shift from learning to teach basic behaviors to being able to develop and implement behavior change programs for problem behaviors such as reactivity and separation anxiety.  Apprentices in their second year will also continue working towards their certification. House of Dog Training will assist with the application process.


  • 1 year apprenticeship - $2500
  • 2 year apprenticeship - $5000
  • Payment plan available - $220/month

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