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House of Dog Training Apprentice Program.

If you are interested in dog training, behavior consulting, shelter and rescue work, you have come to the right place. We prepare  you to earn respected educational credentials, representing a high level of competence.

In this program you will have hands on experience with three certfied trainers. Astrid Tryon , Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed, CPDT-KSA, Allison Walker, Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed,  CPDT-KA and Stevie Fields, Canine Behavior Science Technologist, CBST.

Upon completion

  • You will have the skills to conduct your own private in-home consultations for behavior issues.
  • Conduct obedience classes, puppy classes, agility, tricks and treiball classes.
  • Know how to put together a comprehensive board and train program for basic obedience and behavior change programs.
  • Work with shelters and rescues with a clear understanding of how the administrative side operates.
  • Understand shelter animals and the challenges that come working with them.
  • How to start and run your own business.

After one year, you will be able to conduct your own classes (under supervision) at HoDT and start earning hours toward your certification. Within the second year we will help you to prepare for the certification and with the application process.

1 year - $2500

2 years - $5000

payment plan available - $220/month

So you want to be a Dog Trainer?

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